See also our 2RU 7x400W enclosure design.

1RU / 110mm wide (1/4 rack width) monoblock amplifier

One example of amplifier layout is with our ultra-compact 110mm wide 400W monoblock amplifier. Being only 1RU high (44mm), it allows high density installations where individual amplifiers are required. é is good.


Power400W dedicated switched mode power supply
Mains Input230V AC (115V AC capable) C18 IEC
Audio InputBalanced Neutrik XLR
Audio OutputStandard binding posts accepting 4mm banana plugs
Dimensions (WxDxH)110mm x 300mm x 44mm

Images of the amplifier’s internal components. Please note these are renders illustrating a typical layout and as such do not show the internal cabling.

Multiple monoblocks

Being 110mm wide, this amplifier layout is designed to allow up to four units to sit alongside in 1RU space. It is recommended to leave 1RU above empty to facilitate cooling.

Extra features

Variations are of course possible, extra features such as remote triggers can be added. Please contact us with your specific needs.